Children’s and Youth Religious Education

Wildflower strives to support parents in that role by providing a meaningful religious education program that makes a positive difference in children’s and youth’s lives.

Ages of Children We Serve

Our children’s religious education program serves babies and children through 18 years. We provide childcare every Sunday from 9:30 am to 1 pm for children 1-4 years of age. Children age 4 and above may begin in the Pre-K class when they are developmentally ready. Grades 2-5 attend class together, and youth from 6th-12th grade. Currently, infants remain with their parents. Childcare is available for all ages from 9:30-11:30 am and during Sunday afternoon meetings when requested.

What Happens on Sunday?

Children stay with their parents for the first 15 minutes of the worship service, which begins at 11:30 am. After the congregation “sings the children out,” teachers lead them to their classes. The children’s program ends at about 12:45 pm, usually 15 minutes after the Worship Service ends. Childcare begins at 9:30 am and continues until 1 pm. Children attending childcare do not have to begin in the service. To promote child safety, two adults are present in childcare and all classes. In accordance with our Safe Church policy, all RE teachers and care providers undergo background checks.

The Unitarian Universalist faith doesn’t pretend to give children all the answers to the big questions. Unitarian Universalism puts its faith in people’s ability to explore the unknown together.

-Terry Stafford (UU Religous Educator)

       Getting Started in Religious Education

Before your child’s first Sunday in the religious education program, please register them by filling out a Registration Form. Parents are always welcome to visit the RE and childcare classes.

Religious Education News/Blog

Welcoming All Butterflies

This week we began a two-part lesson based on a story about butterfly friends who seek shelter from a storm. The flowers they hope to hide under will only accept the butterflies that mirror the color they are. Luckily, the clover accepts butterflies of all colors. We...

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Women’s World Cup

This week we talked about the Women's World Cup in soccer and their grievance over not receiving equal pay. The kids analyzed our 7 UU principles to find which ones speak to the issue of paying some people more or less based on their gender. Then we created soccer...

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Yoga Stories

This Sunday we discussed the importance of staying healthy not only in our bodies, but also in our thinking. In addition to knowing how to care for our own mental health, our UU principles suggest that we help others who are struggling as well. How can we encourage a...

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Self Care for Kids

This Sunday we discussed self-care for mental health. In the younger group, students heard a story about various strong emotions and practiced a calming meditation & yoga sequence. The older group brainstormed ways to stay healthy physically and mentally and...

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Mother’s Day

This week, both groups in Children's Religious Education discussed the many different types of families that exist in the world, using a book to spark the conversation. The older group also discussed stereotypes about mothers, comparing those to the unique human...

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The Chalice Story

This week both classes learned the story of the origin of the UU chalice symbol. Did you know that the chalice symbol was used during World War II by an underground network of individuals helping persecuted people make it out of Nazi-controlled areas? Each class then...

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The 7 Principles

This week we welcomed our newest addition to the Children's Religious Education program, Solveij Rosa Praxis. We are so excited to have her join us! The older group worked on creating an illustrated poster of our 7 UU Principles to hang in our beautiful new classroom...

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Fun and Games

This week we met in the Community Room to accommodate the exciting remodeling activities that are happening in our classrooms. I can't wait to show you all our beautiful new set-up in the coming weeks. To strengthen the bond between children from the two classes, we...

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