Teams at Wildflower

Teams do much of the work of the church with our mission as their guide — growing spiritually together, spreading love, justice, and joy! The church benefits from many individuals’ contributions of their time and talents. No task is too small to contribute meaningfully to our community. Team members often develop close bonds while working together, and you don’t have to be a member of the church to participate. If you’re interested in serving on a team, contact the leadership listed below. We’d be glad to have you!

The leaders of each team meet with the Board regularly in a loose-knit group called the Team Council. The Council helps coordinate the teams’ work to better serve the church’s needs.

Children’s and Youth Religious Education

Team Chair(s): Kristen Rubine
Under the leadership of the director, Wildflowers assemble to create and support learning opportunities for children and youth that are in sync with the mission and goals of Wildflower Church. Learn more about our Children’s and Youth Religious Education programs.

Adult Programs

Team Chair(s): Lisa Carrell

This team supports the development of adult classes and small groups at Wildflower to facilitate people’s spiritual growth informed by the UU principles and sources and Wildflower Church’s mission, values and goals. The team designs innovative offerings for members and visitors and recruits facilitators to lead them.

Learn more about current Adult Programs


The Worship team works with the minister, any lay and guest speakers, the music director, facilities, and more to put together cohesive and inspiring worship services where congregants have fulfilling worship experiences and are nourished on their spiritual journeys. Our Greeters help people feel welcomed into our space.


Music Director: Elke Baitis (
Music enhances the worship experience and our choir and volunteer vocalists and instrumentalists enrich our services.

Learn more about Worship

Team for Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism (TARAOM)
The Team for Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, and Multiculturalism (TARAOM) is a dynamic team that meets regularly to advise, collaborate, and assist Wildflower Church and its Board of Trustees with developing strategies, programs, and best practices to better achieve Wildflower’s mission, vision, and goals in becoming anti-racist and anti-oppressive through the use of a multicultural lens. Specifically, TARAOM’s sponsored programs focus on how racism and oppression show up in our interactions with one another and in our institutional systems. Additionally, this team seeks to develop increased multicultural awareness and skill in communicating across cultures, and healing from racialized trauma. It seeks to promote equity in our bylaws, policies, procedures, and practices both systemically as well as organically in our church culture and through our community engagement.

Facilities & Safety

This team performs maintenance on and makes minor improvements to on our leased space, works with other Wildflower teams and groups on projects and events involving physical facilities &/or audiovisual support, develops and implements procedures for dealing with threats to safety of congregants and manages requests to use our space from outside organizations. It collaborates with Faith Presbyterian through periodic meetings of a joint Space Sharing team to discuss physical plant and safety matters and resolve issues arising from our lease agreement or our shared campus arrangement.

Learn more about our Facilities policies.

The Social Action Council

The Social Action Council (SAC) is an umbrella group for justice work in our community. Its teams emerge around issues pertinent to the congregation in each calendar year and are guided by the intersectionality of our internal Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, and Multiculturalism work, the areas that our neighbors feel are important, the initiatives of our community partners such as Austin InterFaith ( and TXUUJ.

Our climate action team is an anchor in our justice agenda (contact Susan Lippman at

Disability Advocacy, Inclusion & Accessibility Team (DAIA)

Team Chair(s): Susie Epstein

The primary purpose of this team is to fully integrate Wildflowers with disabilities into all aspects of the Wildflower congregation and community.  Our first goal is to eliminate barriers to full participation at Wildflower, starting with making the building, facilities and grounds accessible.

Fun & Fellowship

Team Chair(s): Jeannette LaFontaine and Matt Harrington

Fun & Fellowship is exactly what it sounds like! Activities have included monthly hikes, family campouts, game nights, a Halloween dance, and collaboration with other teams on special events. This is a team that invites energy and creativity to help Wildflowers build relationships and have fun.

Pastoral Care

Team Chair(s): Kye Flannery, Jan Austin, Amelia Koford, and Claire Kennedy

The Care team provides meals, rides, and friendly visits to support the well-being of Wildflower members and friends going through difficult times. Call or write them if you or a friend is going through an illness, isolation, birth, end-of-life, or any situation that could use a helping hand.
Contact the team at or 512.428.9464


Team Chair(s): Jan Austin

We want people to feel welcome at Wildflower Church from the first time they attend. Our Welcomers support visitors in making connections within the Wildflower community. Team members host the Welcome Table in the Community Room after worship to provide information and answer questions about the congregation. We help people get involved in activities that match their interests and will help them feel a part of our church family.

Membership Orientation Team

Elizabeth Suggs and Ike Eickstaedt (

Organize Wildflower Church orientations to assist people in understanding Wildflower’s culture, structure and history and how to become involved in its life including becoming a member or pledging friend.
Keep in Touch Groups are groups of ten to twelve households that are facilitated by members of the congregation that are intended to encourage communication among members, friends, and frequent visitors. Facilitators make periodic contact with people in their group to check in. If you aren’t already in a KIT group but would like to be, contact

Membership Integration Team

Jan Austin and Cathy Cramer (

Helps people get involved in activities that match their interests and will help them feel a part of our church family. The team also assists in finding leaders for congregational teams that need them.


Twelve hospitality teams alternate weeks to provide delicious food and coffee for the Coffee Hour every Sunday after church. Each team has a captain who coordinates that team’s Sunday.

Communications and Technology

Team Chair(s): Cathy Cramer and Adrian Lemoine

Communications and Tech helps the whole church publicize its programs and its active justice agenda from a strategic and operational perspective. Roles include identifying improvements to enhance our publicity and communication tools and practices, keeping our church visible on social media, updating the website, and assisting teams with needs as they arise.

Beloved Community Relations

Team Chair(s): Paula Vaughan

Beloved Community Relations concerns itself with supporting the implementation of our Beloved Community Covenant and supporting situations where this has not occurred.
Read our Beloved Community Covenant


Team Chair(s): Fred Peterson

The Finance team develops and oversees the annual budget. They work closely with the Treasurer of the Board to execute audits, track spending and contributions, and promote the financial health of the congregation.

The Stewardship Team coordinates activities and events involved in using our time, talents, and treasure toward carrying out the many goals of Wildflower Church. They work closely with the Fundraising, Finance, and Membership Teams and with the Board Treasurer. Learn more about giving to Wildflower


The Personnel team is the Human Resources team for our staff. This team focuses on salary and quality of work life issues for staff. Learn more about our staff.


This team, elected by the congregation, monitors and makes decisions to ensure the health and growth of the church’s endowment fund.


Nominating recruits candidates for positions on the Board and prepares a ballot for the Board elections held at one of two semi-annual congregational meetings.
Learn more about the Board