Teams at Wildflower

Teams do much of the work of the church with our mission as their guide — growing spiritually together, spreading love, justice, and joy! The church benefits from many individuals’ contributions of their time and talents. No task is too small to contribute meaningfully to our community. Team members often develop close bonds while working together, and you don’t have to be a member of the church to participate. If you’re interested in serving on a team, contact the leadership listed below. We’d be glad to have you!

The leaders of each team meet with the Board regularly in an loose-knit group called the Leadership Council. The Council helps coordinate the teams’ work to better serve the church’s needs.

Adult Programs

Chair: Penny Burnette, DRE

This is an umbrella group for all the adult classes and small groups at Wildflower. The team designs innovative offerings for members and visitors, and recruits facilitators to lead them.

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Children’s and Youth Religious Education

CRE Chair: Penny Burnette, DRE
YRE Chair: Laura Miller

These teams create and support learning opportunities for children and youth. Members oversee programs, recruit and guide teachers, coordinate intergenerational projects including children and youth such as working at the Capital Area Food Bank, and advocate for children’s and youth religious education within Wildflower.

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Chair: Dee Adams

The Worship team works with the minister, any guest speakers, the Music team, Facilities, and more to put together cohesive, inspiring worship services. Their team mission is to ensure that every worship service is carefully planned and conducted so that congregants have fulfilling worship experiences; and to support the minister in providing meaningful, creative worship that invites our members forward on their spiritual journeys.

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The Social Action Committee

Chair: Faye Maxwell

The Social Action Committee is an umbrella group for justice work in our community. It is comprised of three member teams; Wildflower Austin Interfaith, Social Justice, and WildEarth, a climate action team. You do not have to be a member of the church to get involved.

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Wildflower Austin Interfaith Team

Chair: Edie Clark

Austin Interfaith is a citizens’ organization committed to promoting justice and democratic values through working with local government and community leaders around issues of common concern. Wildflower has been a member since 2008, and WAIT members attend the monthly Austin Interfaith meetings and participate in its programs.

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WildEarth Climate Action Team

Chair: Susan Lippman

WildEarth works to understand and address climate change and its intersection with environmental justice and social issues through: climate change education within and beyond our congregation; civic engagement; participating in or creating events; and collaborating with other advocacy groups. They generally meet the second Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. Email for the meeting location, as it changes.

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Wildflower Justice Team

Chair: Debbie White

This team organizes several service projects and coordinates special events and classes in partnership with the other Social Action Committee teams, Adult Programs, and the Worship team. They currently meet on the second Sunday of each month at 1:15 in Classroom 2, but are considering changing their meeting time. Email to confirm meeting time.

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Choir Director and Pianist: Elke Baitis

It is said, “You can’t be all things to all people,” but when it comes to music at Wildflower Church, we certainly try! The Wildflower Choir was formed at the same time Wildflower Church began having services, in 2001. We have continued with the Choir singing two Sundays a month, and on the other Sundays, other Wildflower and guest musicians have provided an array of music genres, including classical, folk, blues, rock, show tunes, gospel and mariachi. The Music Team also coordinates music for the Serenity Service.

Our Wildflower musicians include Jason Crow, Kenn Wells, Steve Brooks, Dana McBride, Demethia McVea and our intern minister, Erin Walter. Other Wildflower musicians also contribute to our services. We invite anyone interested in joining the choir or providing music for a worship service to contact us.

Contact Elke at

Fun & Fellowship

Chair: open

Fun & Fellowship is exactly what it sounds like! Traditional projects include a Hootenanny, monthly hikes, family campouts, a Halloween dance, a Friday film series, and collaboration with other teams for events such as an Earth Day fair, an Easter celebration, and more. Bring your energy and creativity to work on this delightful team.

Pastoral Care

Co-Chairs: Mary Ragland, Faye Maxwell, Frances Osborne, Gary Lichtenstein

The Care team provides meals, rides, and friendly visits to support the well-being of Wildflower members and friends going through difficult times. Call or write them if you or a friend is going through an illness, isolation, birth, end-of-life, or any situation that could use a helping hand.

Contact the team at or 512.428.9464.


Chair: Eva Andries

The Membership team has three main projects: greeting visitors warmly, helping those who wish to join become voting members, and integrating members into our community.

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Chair: Linda Foss

This team provides delicious food and coffee for the Coffee Hour every Sunday after church.

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Chair: Terry Matula

Communications helps the whole church publicize its programs and its commitments to support community groups. Roles include posting on Facebook and Twitter, posting notices in the weekly and monthly Wildflower news, updating the website, maintaining a document repository, and assisting other teams with needs as they arise.

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Right Relations

Chair: Gerry King

Right Relations concerns itself with describing the terms on which members and friend engage with each other in our beloved community. The team can also mediate disputes within the church.

Read our Covenant of Right Relations

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Chair: Jan Austin

The Finance team develops and oversees the annual budget. They work closely with the Treasurer of the Board to execute audits, track spending and contributions, and promote the financial health of the congregation.

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Co-Chairs: Laurie Willis Patterson & Paul Patterson

The Stewardship team leads the annual pledge campaign and oversees all church fundraising efforts. They work closely with the Treasurer and the Finance team. If you like numbers and speaking to the congregation, this is the team for you!

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Chair: open

The Facilities team sets up and runs the audio visual equipment for worship and many meetings. They also grant permission for other teams and groups to use the various Wildflower spaces on our shared campus, and help with any questions or needs anyone has about our physical space.

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Chair: open

The Personnel team is the Human Resources team for our staff. Bring your energy, enthusiasm, and eye for detail to the crucial work of this team.

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Chair: Gary Lichtenstein

This team makes decisions to ensure the health and growth of the church’s endowment fund.

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Chair: inactive

Governance concerns itself with reviewing and processing amendments to Wildflower’s Bylaws.


Chair: Mary Ober

Nominating recruits candidates for positions on the Board and prepares a ballot for the Board elections held at one of two semi-annual congregational meetings.

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