Welcome Visitors

Visitors are invited to attend any and all services and classes. If you see something that catches your interest, please join us! We’d love to meet you.

What to Expect on Sunday Morning

Finding Us

We worship at Faith Presbyterian, our space sharing partner. See the bottom of the page for a map and directions. Their campus is laid out around a courtyard. To find the sanctuary, look for the entrance with two sets of blue-framed glass double doors.


If you have accessibility needs, there is ramp access to all entrances at the Faith campus. If you’d like to have more info ahead of time, please email facilities@wildflowerchurch.org. You can also ask ushers for information and assistance on-site.

ASL (American Sign Language)

ASL interpretation can be available at Sunday services. Contact worship@wildflowerchurch.com for more information.

Entering Worship

Once inside the vestibule, look for the membership table, where you can tell us more about yourself and learn more about Wildflower and Unitarian Universalism. Don’t forget to pick up a hymnal and Order of Service on your way in!

Click to learn more about childcare and children’s religious education.

Services Themselves

Our services usually run about an hour, usually with a 15-25 minute sermon or a series of homilies. Sermons and homilies can be responsive to current events, ethical, historical, social justice-themed, all of the above, and more. We light a chalice, the symbol of our faith, at the beginning of worship, and extinguish it at the close. We sing hymns and often have choral music and/or guest musicians. We often applaud during church. We have a time for all ages, a time for prayer and meditation, and we sometimes explore varied world religious traditions.

Fellowship Hour

After worship, we gather for coffee and snacks in the Wildflower Community Room in the building to the left of the sanctuary (follow the crowd), where you can also retrieve your children. Fellowship Hour is a great time to meet Wildflowers and fellow visitors and talk about anything and everything!

Parking Directions

In addition to our on-site parking lot, there is parallel parking on Shriber St. and Live Oak St., both of which are one-way streets. There is also parking at Travis High School—in front of the school and in the back. To reach either lot, use the western-most entrance to the school. From there, drive through the front lot, and if it is full, go around the eastern side of the school to reach the back lot.