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We have two main email lists: the Weekly newsletter, which comes officially from the church, and the info list, where members and friends post about interesting events, items for sale, and more.  To read this week’s newsletter, click here.

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Info List

The Wildflower “Info List” is used to share about a variety of subjects, including upcoming non-church-related events, recommendations for services, (e.g. plumbers, realtors),  offers of sale or services, etc., needs for housing, e.g. a UU coming to Austin needing a place to stay, recommendations for books you are reading or poetry you’d like to share, ways to build community (for example pictures of congregants when they were 8).

This list is NOT intended as a debate platform. Criticisms and complaints about church programs should be sent to the Board, not the Info List.

Currently, the only way to access the Wildflower Digital Art Gallery is through the Info List.

It is important that all posts conform to our Wildflower Covenant of Beloved Community Relations and Values and our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles, as well as the 8th Principle.


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