Wildflower Church is a deliberately inclusive, open-minded religious community in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, growing spiritually together, spreading love, justice, and joy!  We create our community by covenanting one to another, using our Covenant of Right Relations. We meet in South Austin, at our shared campus.

Sunday Worship

Join us this Sunday at 11:30am in the Sanctuary at our shared campus. Extra parking is available across Oltorf at Travis High School.

Caring For Our Greatest Gift

May 21, 11:30 AM

Rev. Brian Ferguson

We often talk about our lives being a great gift - a gift from nature or our parents or our creator or the Universe. What about the gift without which our lives would not be possible - our Planet? There may be different religious stories of how our planet came to be but religions throughout the word say the appropriate religious response is gratitude, best expressed through appreciation and caring for our planet. Much of our human attitude towards our planet does not show care or reverence but view it as an infinite resource to be exploited and treated as a commodity. This worship service will explore how religion has historically reinforced this dangerous exploitation and how a major cultural shift is required to address the very serious problem of climate change.

Serenity Service

Join us for an interfaith service of music, readings, candles, and silence every third Friday of the month (next is May 19) at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary on our shared campus.

Adult Programs

Visit the Adult Programs page for a complete listing of groups and courses. Childcare is available for Sunday classes between 9:30 and 1, and may be available for other classes and groups.

Engaging the Sacred in Art


fourth Tuesday evenings

Consider art as a spiritual practice with other artists

The World Future We Need


monthly, third Sunday evenings

Discuss technology, morality, cooperation, and growth in the world’s future

Buddhism and Meditation Exploration Group

ongoing, Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings, 9:30am

Explore Buddhist teachings and practices in a UU context

Climate Change Education Class


third Sunday mornings, 9:30am
Discussions around climate change and environmental justice

Mindful Gentle Yoga


Tuesdays, 10:00 am

Focus on breath, kindness to self and others, and curiosity.

Young Adults Group


join Facebook group for meeting times

Connect with other young adults at Wildflower & beyond.

Food for Thought

drop-in, Sunday mornings

second and fourth Sunday mornings, 9:30am

TED Talk discussion group

Team Council Meeting

On Monday, May 22, the Team Council will meet at 6:30pm in the Wildflower Community Room. The Team Council is comprised of all the heads of the various teams, but in addition to that, anyone is welcome to attend the meeting. For any questions, contact Cathy Cramer.

What's Unitarian Universalism all About?

Are you shopping for a church home that doesn’t require commitment to any specific metaphysical beliefs? Unitarian Universalism is a non-credal religion that draws wisdom from many religions, literature, art, and science, and interprets it through a concrete set of principles. We believe in Standing on the Side of Love for all the world’s people. You can explore the covenant, mission, values, and vision of Wildflower online.

Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting

The semi-annual congregational meetings are how we conduct the business of this church. In our June meeting, we will vote on incoming Board members as well as some important decisions about the future of our church. Childcare and lunch will be provided. Join us on Sunday, June 4, at 1 PM in the Wildflower Community Room.

Children and Youth Programs

Our children’s religious education program serves babies and children through 18 years. We provide childcare every Sunday from 9:30 am to 1 pm for children 1-4 years of age. Children age 4 and above may begin in the Pre-K class when they are developmentally ready. Grades 2-5 attend class together, and youth from 6th-12 grades. Currently, infants remain with their parents. Childcare is available for all ages from 9:30-11:30 am and during Sunday afternoon meetings when requested.