This week we talked about the Women’s World Cup in soccer and their grievance over not receiving equal pay. The kids analyzed our 7 UU principles to find which ones speak to the issue of paying some people more or less based on their gender. Then we created soccer finger puppets and kicked pom-pom soccer balls into a mini goal. As you can see from the image, some kids chose to make their soccer players be cats 🙂

tree frog

This Sunday we discussed the importance of staying healthy not only in our bodies, but also in our thinking. In addition to knowing how to care for our own mental health, our UU principles suggest that we help others who are struggling as well. How can we encourage a friend that is feeling sad or worried? We explored this concept with a yoga story about a frog stuck in a tree, which we acted out using various yoga poses. Ultimately, the protagonist can’t take the frog out of the tree herself, but must instead help the frog find the confidence to come down itself. Finally, we drew a scene from the story.

This Sunday we discussed self-care for mental health. In the younger group, students heard a story about various strong emotions and practiced a calming meditation & yoga sequence. The older group brainstormed ways to stay healthy physically and mentally and noticed how much overlap there was between the two lists. Finally, they made stress balls out of balloons and flour and then helped the younger kids to make their own stress balls.

This week, both groups in Children’s Religious Education discussed the many different types of families that exist in the world, using a book to spark the conversation. The older group also discussed stereotypes about mothers, comparing those to the unique human beings we know and love. Then, each child created a Mother’s Day card for a mother or mother-figure in their life.

colorful paper chalice on a black background

This week both classes learned the story of the origin of the UU chalice symbol. Did you know that the chalice symbol was used during World War II by an underground network of individuals helping persecuted people make it out of Nazi-controlled areas? Each class then created a collaborative chalice to hang in our classrooms when they are complete. The younger group made wildflowers to decorate their chalice, while the older group created the sun catcher chalice that you see above, which will eventually hang in the window.