Our elementary class learned about our new UU values and a fun acronym to help remember them by — Jet Pig! This adorable piglet carries a jet pack and is powered by love. In addition to discussing each part of Jet Pig (Justice, Equity, Transformation, Pluralism, Interdependence, Generosity, always with LOVE at the center), we also talked about why churches might want to create new goals and update their values instead of just sticking with whatever had been written long ago. Kids shared some ways that they mark the new year and think about goals and values in their own lives. We finished by coloring in an image of Jet Pig and playing an interdependence yarn game!

The Wildflower Youth Group (Middle & High School) began with our weekly check-in and offered each other support as needed. Then, they played a question & answer snowball game to reconnect and welcome new members at the beginning of a new year.