Expect the Impossible (an Easter Sermon)

Expect the Impossible (an Easter Sermon)

Amid sorrow, how do we find hope? By remembering that story is not over.

As we continue with part two of Jesus’ story, after his betrayal, suffering, and execution, when the women came to look for Jesus in the tomb they found that the impossible had happened: he was gone.

Last week, together, we shared in our collective lamentation for the realities of our world. This week, we move to joy and celebrate, because as people of faith, we can expect the impossible, too.

Neshama Alheem joins us as our special musical guest, bringing the celebration of Gospel Music to this joy-filled service this Sunday.

Children and youth in grades pre-k through 12th will be meeting in person in their classes after being present in the sanctuary for the first part of the service. The nursery is available for babies and children from 6 weeks to 5 years old during the entire service period. You may choose either option for your child if they are 4.5 or 5 years old.