Grounded in Giving

2024 Pledge Drive
Updated tracker 11/16

Our 2024 goal is to raise $150,000

$1,000 supports one quarter of childcare for children under 5

   $300 would help send one delegate to the UUA General Assembly

      $130 would cover our rent for a day

         $50 would help to cover our phone and internet service for one year

            $44 would cover the welcome table materials in the foyer for an entire year

               $10 could purchase fidget toys for the sanctuary

Any amount MATTERS

We appreciate your dedication to keeping Wildflower running and inclusive!

Why does Sarah give?

I pledge a monthly donation because I want my boys to belong to a community that respects their differences, embraces their individuality, and teaches them to be welcoming and accepting of everyone. I pledge because I want Wildflower to continue providing amazing programs that build my boys’ confidence and support their search for their own truth. I pledge because I want Wildflower to be here for a long time, to be a safe haven that my boys can someday return to when they are grown. I pledge to grow and sustain this community that is helping to raise my children and support me in this parenting journey.

Why does Daniela give?
When I come to Wildflower, for me, this is my sanctuary. It’s a place where I can just take off my armor and exist and not have to show up in any particular way if I don’t have the bandwidth to do it. And I see a room of fellow fools who move through life with the hope that things should and can be better, and that we can do something to make it better. So that’s why I pledge my money to Wildflower. Because when our city’s facade of liberal white wokeness starts to fade away, Wildflower offers space to host Undoing Racism Trainings. Because when people are fighting tooth and nail against validating someone’s identity and existence, Wildflower lay leaders and ministers open this space sharing their names, their pronouns, and describing their physical experience for those who are visually impaired.  Because in this fascist police state that we live in, our leaders at the church reject pressing charges on someone who is having a crisis in our sanctuary. I pledge because Wildflower is a sanctuary, it’s a place of refuge and safety, for me.
Why does Samantha give?

While took me many years to fully grasp, working on staff at a church showed me how important it can be to pledge a financial gift to the church. I chose a life as a public servant in the not-for-profit world, so trust me when I say I know how hard it is to give when you don’t have much to offer in the first place. 

But even a small gift can make a difference. When I was a kid, my dad would hand me a dollar from his wallet every Sunday when the plate was passed. Of course, I didn’t have a lot of money then either, but it still made me feel like I was helping and started a life-long habit of philanthropy. 

I come to Wildflower because I recognize a need to be poured into by a loving, values-driven community, but this support is a two-way street. I give because each of you here gives so much to me.

If you are ready to put your pledge into action, please visit our payment provider to set up (or edit) your ongoing contribution.

You can set up an ongoing contribution to begin at a future date through this portal as well!

Having trouble determining how much to give? The UUA provides a guide sheet based on your income — you can find it here.

You can also download the pledge card, fill it out on your computer, and then email it to

Alternately, you can download the pledge card, print it out, fill it out, and mail it to:

Wildflower Church, P.O. Box 40395, Austin, Texas 78704

If you have any questions regarding payments please see the Giving page on the church website or contact  

For information on donating using Appreciated Securities, contact the Wildflower Bookkeeper at