Director of Religious Education

Roots Class (K-2nd grade) w/Marie:

Following the CYRE team meeting, the children were very (very, very) excited to hear that the grownups are thinking about a way for us to have an in person gathering that could be safe for everyone. I explained that this is still just in the thinking about a plan stage, so we can decide if there’s a way to do this. Here are our ideas:

-take lots of carpets or blankets or chairs to show where each person can be
-wear a mask. We know all about how to wear a mask 
-we could play a game
-most important: snacks. We suggest cupcakes with rainbow icing and pumpkin pie 

Seedlings (3rd – 5th) & Wildflower Youth Group (Middle & High School) w/Piaf & Solveij:

This week we came back to the topic of the 8th UU Principle: We must work together for diversity and against racism and oppression. Last time we discussed this topic, the consensus was that this Principle is needed and should be adopted by UUs even though some of the other 7 Principles speak to this idea. This time, we thought about the timeline of this process. The kids/youth felt that this matter is urgent and came up with several reasons why they want it to be adopted right away. Next time we meet, we’ll check in with where we are in this process at Wildflower and how kids and youth can be part of the process.

We also each thought of a time when we had put one of the 8 principles into practice in our lives. Finally, we ended with a collaborative storytelling game! Stay tuned for exciting plans for outdoor meetups this spring and summer 🙂

Roots Class (K – 2nd grade):

Marie was out today so I filled in. It is always so fun to connect with our youngest group! We began with our check-ins and then talked about our 7 UU Principles. Could we think of times that our church family has followed these? We remembered collecting supplies for people after the snow storm and also voting about the new minister a while back. Then we watched a funny Pixar short about birds on a wire who are definitely not following our UU Principles. Finally, the kids taught me their closing song “When My Heart Is in a Holy Place.”

Seedlings (3rd – 5th) & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School):

This week, Solveij’s partner, Jesus, led a poetry workshop in which everyone created several lines of poetry that were compiled into a collaborative poem that explored identity and what our young people want the world to know. After RE, several kids/youth met up to dig the holes for mounting the mural at Wildflower and record some of the videos that will be part of the youth-led service on March 28.

Roots Class (k – 2nd) w/Marie:
Hello, I hope everyone is doing okay after the storm. Today we shared our experiences and heard about creative ways we stayed warm, got some snow play in, and heard about helping and being helped by others. 

Seeing a Roots student and her mom last Sunday was a wonderful surprise for me– many Wildflower members brought supplies to help a community in need near our church, and we sorted and loaded those supplies from a big blue tarp in my front yard for transport to the community. 

Seedlings Class (3rd-5th) w/Piaf & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

This week we began by checking in about our experiences with last week’s snow storm. Then we continued a discussion we had begun at our last meeting about video games. In what ways can they bring us connection and joy? In what ways do we need to monitor our consumption and press for more diverse and inclusive games? Finally, kids & youth shared song ideas for the upcoming Young People’s Service on March 28. 

Roots Class (K – 2nd grade) w/Marie:

Hello all, rose and thorn check-ins centered around where we’re all at with quarantine. So glad to hear about some of the people we love starting to get vaccines! I’ve been having some sad-about-things days and cheering myself up by starting to work in the garden again. Today’s story was Up In the Garden and Down In the Dirt by Kate Messner. While I find myself so impatient for days where we can be together in future months, a whole garden of our world put there, it is comforting to be reminded that while we see bare still-winter empty beds that “Down in the dirt is a whole busy world of earthworms and insects, digging and building and stirring up soil. They’re already working down in the dirt.”

Seedlings Class (3rd – 5th) w/Piaf & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

This week we discussed the state of our mural project, which is very close to being installed at Church! We looked at several possible places to mount it and the group decided where they’d most like it to be. Stay tuned for a future email with a chance to sign up for the hole-digging & socializing 🙂

We also talked about the possibility of having this group lead a service in the future to introduce the mural to the larger congregation and also speak to issues that are important to them. We’ll continue brainstorming on this in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, we played a round of digital pictionary.

This week was our children and youth Listening Circles. I am so grateful to be part of a community that values our young people so much and includes them in important community matters in an age-appropriate way!

Roots Class (k-2nd) w/Marie:
Today we heard each other’s rose and thorns, and held our version of a listening circle together as part of the congregational response to Rev Sarah’s departure. The children have questions about will we get a new minister. I explained that members of the church will take turns doing different parts of what a minister does- like speaking in the service, being there for each other to listen and support each other, and to be teachers to each other about taking care of our hearts and our spirits. This is something we do as a community and are good at doing. We remember and miss Rev Brian. If he picked you up it was very high because he is so tall! And he is very good at talking to children, we think. So those are important parts of being a minister. 

Today’s story is It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr. 

Seedlings (3rd-5th) w/Piaf & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

This week we were led by Kristen and Jared in a Listening Circle about our Wildflower Community’s challenges as well as our hopes and wishes for its future. I so appreciated hearing the thoughtful, kind, and honest contributions of each of our participants! Our church has many strengths and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.

Roots Class (kinder – 2nd grade) w/Marie:

Today we talked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s role as a leader and activist in the ongoing civil rights movement in our country that continues today through the work of groups like Black Lives Matter. The day a black and a Jewish person were elected in Georgia was the same day racist groups attacked our Capitol (this is an important expansion on my language with the kids last week about those people being angry and disappointed about their candidate not winning the election). Our work on anti-racism, working on unfairness, is ongoing. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader that we can keep learning from for our continued work. 
Today’s story is Let the Children March by Monica Clark-Robinson. Before reading this, I spoke to the children about what it meant to plan to go to jail to protest the unfair laws that had been designed to hurt black people. I explained that the police used fire hoses to spray water and fierce dogs to try and scare people from their marching, but the children kept on, more people began paying attention, including the President, who then worked with MLK to change the laws. The Wildflower kids had a lot to say about being brave and coming together. 

Seedlings (3rd-5th) & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Piaf & Solveij:

This week we continued our discussion of the recent violence in the nation’s capital by observing an image of a Congressperson who chose to stay and help clean up in the aftermath. What UU values would lead someone to choose to do this? Everyone agreed that this could exemplify the principle “We care for our Earth” but we also found that “Each and every person is important” could also apply because by helping to clean up, this Congressperson allowed others who needed time for different kinds of self-care to be able to focus on that.

We also watched a short video of a group called SOL Development about finding motivation and keeping our spirits up when we are confronted with sometimes overwhelming challenges. In it, the group talks about making music and song writing with youth and we discussed doing a musical project of our own going forward.

Finally, we finished with a game.