Director of Religious Education

This week was our fall semester kick-off and the first day of our newly reorganized Religious Education classes. Marie Catrett leads the Roots class (pre-k to 1st grade), Piaf Azul leads the Seedlings class (2nd to 4th grade) and Solveij Praxis leads our Wildflower Youth (5th grade & Middle School).

Roots Class:

Hello to our grownups! Today we began our Creating Home curriculum, making each child’s name stone and wondering together about the labyrinth we’ll be using each week to journey into the center of Wildflower as our congregational home. We will begin walking the labyrinth next Sunday, one of the rituals we’ll use for our time together. If we missed you this Sunday, more name stone making will happen next week. Thank you for the warm welcome; I am so excited to teach your children.


Seedlings Class:

This week we began by brainstorming what our Classroom Covenant should include. What promises do we want to make to each other for our time together? We also played an ice-breaker game and made leaf rubbings to decorate our Covenant poster.


Wildflower Youth:

This week, youth strengthened their connections with a fast-paced ice-breaker game and then began discussing plans for future events. This group was full of ideas of things we can do for fun and in service to the world. Finally, youth created a collaborative plan to share the responsibilities involved in serving ice cream to everyone at the Sunday sundae social.


This Sunday we had a lively group, including many new friends! We began by lighting our chalice and sharing our joys & sorrows (dubbed rose & thorn). We also discussed the kick-off for our fall Religious Education classes on September 8 and the ice cream social that same day. Then we got up for an active name game that challenged us all. Finally, we played a mega-round of the game Telephone.

Hope to see you all on September 8! Our three RE classes will be broken down as follows: pre-K to first grade, second grade to fourth grade, fifth grade & middle school (youth).

This week during the Time for All Ages portion of the service, kids brainstormed all the things that trees give us and what we give trees. Other than the crucial interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the children came up with many other important gifts we give and receive from trees. After our Religious Education class, we joined the circle of adults who were singing to a majestic oak.

As part of our UU faith, we recognize the interdependent web of life that we all depend on and that, naturally, includes trees!

This week, the kids recapped the butterfly story from last week and talked about how Wildflower can support people with many different identities in our communities. In the brainstorm, the kids came up with the following:-having ASL interpretation (and other languages in the future)-offering physical shelter-fundraising/giving money-being kind-being helpful-not hurting each other. In addition, Solveij and the kids talked about how Wildflower is part of a network of churches that provide support to immigrants seeking sanctuary.

This week we began a two-part lesson based on a story about butterfly friends who seek shelter from a storm. The flowers they hope to hide under will only accept the butterflies that mirror the color they are. Luckily, the clover accepts butterflies of all colors. We discussed why we’d like to be like the clovers, what differences people have, why these are called identities, and which storms differing people face. We’ll continue this theme next week with a related art project.

This Sunday, the kids explored the interdependent web of life. We made a web, connecting any part of existence that we could think of to each other, from video games to the sun, from farmers to fungi! Then the children created weavings to represent this interdependent web of life.

By the end, each child could tell us about how we all are connected and depend on each other, and take home beautiful art representative of our seventh principle.

“In one sheet of paper we can see everything, the cloud, the forest, the logger.”