Director of Religious Education

This week we did a special all-ages activity and made our own gratitude chalices out of upside down flower pots. After painting them, we dried them with a blow dryer and then used Sharpies to write what we felt gratitude for. Not everyone had enough time to add all their gratitudes, so if you wanna grab a sharpie and add a few more at your holiday dinner, that could be a lot of fun 🙂

We had a great Religious Education this week!

Our Roots Class (pre-k to first grade) had a fun intro to our UU faith and added their names to our class wall with Laura.

Our Seedlings (2nd to 5th grade) discussed various scientific facts about water such as the water cycle and pondered how magical and incredible this substance is that we all depend on for life. We also connected the topic to various places near and far that don’t have reliable access to clean water and recalled our own experiences of missing water during the winter freeze last year. Finally, we watched a reading of We Are Water Protectors, a story of a young indigenous girl who is fighting to keep an oil pipeline off her tribal lands, and made watercolor raindrop art.

Our Youth were invited to remain in the service this week to experience the water ceremony with the adults.

We had a lovely start to our new year of Religious Education! We are looking forward to growing, learning, and connecting with your young people 🙂 Messages from each class are below:

Roots (pre-k to 1st) & Seedlings (2nd to 5th):

We began by lighting our class chalice and going around doing our check-in where we share our names, pronouns, rose (joy), and thorn (sorrow). Then, we looked through our 8 Principles, thinking of an example of each. Next, we watched a funny Pixar short of some birds who were not following our UU principles and discussed how they would have acted differently if they had been. Finally, we headed outside for a snack and some active play.

Wildflower Youth Group:

The youth began with their weekly check-in and then discussed plans for our upcoming “Love, Justice, & Joy Fest” on Oct 22. The youth are planning to create several social justice themed elements to add onto the fun of a bounce house, face painting, etc. Afterwards, the youth connected with a game and some snacks.

This week, we had a guest speaker who shared her experiences with homelessness with the kids and youth. It was very moving to hear her story and the kids asked insightful questions as well. Then, we assembled packets of snacks, waters, and socks and gave them to the adults in the congregation to give out on their way home.

This week we had a ton of fun making collages and pronoun pins with Laura’s pin maker! Some kids also chose to make other pins using images from magazines and we collaboratively worked on a mosaic-style collage of a progress pride flag.

This Sunday we reflected on the roots of Juneteenth and the ongoing work of creating healing in our communities and ourselves. We also examined the role of celebrations in the healing process and celebrated friends of Solveij’s who have ended 3 year of experiencing homelessness and are now in housing, yay! The kids and youth created a welcome home poster and even included personalized drawings of the adorable animals that share this home with them.