Messages from each class are below:

Roots (pre-k to 1st) & Seedlings (2nd-5th) w/Piaf:

This week we talked about what we can each do when the news or events in the world feel heavy, when our hearts hurt for others who are suffering. Kids brainstormed ways that we can make change (go to a march, write a letter, spread the word, make a sign, help others in our daily lives, etc) and also ways that we can take care of ourselves when things feel too heavy (go outside, take deep breaths, pet a cat, do art, watch a funny show, talk to a grown-up, etc). Then we tried our hand at an activity that does both: painting kindness rocks to place somewhere out in the world to bring some love & kindness to someone passing by.

Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School), youth-led this week:

This week the youth led their own meeting (with two adult on-lookers as per Safe Church policy). They began by checking in and discussing what they wished adults understood about being a youth in 2023. Then they discussed the concept of respect – how to show it, who deserves it, and the difference between performing respect and actually feeling it authentically. Finally, they ended with snacks.