Imagining Other Minds: Building Empathy Through Practice

Imagining Other Minds: Building Empathy Through Practice

Prophets, poets, and spiritual teachers throughout history have identified empathy as a transformative state that can supply a taste of the vast, mysterious reality that we all share, despite our differing lived experiences that are difficult to reconcile.  Modern psychologists and neuroscientists are beginning to explore why this is and how it works from a scientific humanist perspective.

This Sunday, we'll explore developing different forms of empathy through readings, music, and guided practices.

Many thanks to the attendees of our Sunday morning Ideas Worth Contemplating series who brought this topic to the worship team after a spirited discussion of psychologist Jamil Zaki's TEDx talk, "We're experiencing an empathy shortage, but we can fix it together."

Gathering Music -; Lakeside Campfire with Relaxing Nature Night Sounds

Prelude -; Come, Come, Whoever You Are (Unger), Saunder Choi

Joys and Concerns -; Danny Boy, Shelly Mann & Bill Evans

Hymn -; Answering the Call of Love (Shelton), Foothills Unitarian Church

Offertory -; South Wind, Gaelynn Lea

Postlude -; Redemption Song,
the Kanneh-Mason family