Navigating Transitions

This Sunday’s service will hold space for all who are navigating transitions at this time of year - those of you who are students returning to school whether virtually or in person in this second year of the pandemic, which in all likelihood drastically altered your school experience; parents who may be facing another period of time of working at home and home schooling children or have decided to have your children return to school; teachers who will return to an in-person or virtual classroom possibly in a new school, or having been a teacher, respond to the memory of this time of year. Then there are all of us living in Austin where we have returned to Stage 5 COVID risk levels for the second time after what seemed like movement toward some level of normalcy.  We will hear how several Wildflowers are navigating transitions at this time of year.  This cycle of change feels especially turbulent right now - like we are suspended between two trapezes, hoping if we let go of one, the other will be there to grasp.  Join us in the spiritual container of this church community to find support, inspiration, ease, and love as you suspend in the liminal space of transition.


Postlude -; Changes, David Bowie