Shernaz Garcia

Shernaz García grew up in Pune, India, as part of a large extended family. Although not orthodox in their religious practices, her parents instilled in her a strong Parsi identity and values, many of which serve as her compass for everyday living, and guided her while raising two daughters in Austin. Shernaz came to the U.S. in her early twenties to pursue a graduate degree in special education. Her original plans to complete her doctoral degree and return to India changed unexpectedly when she met her now husband, George. While studying at UT-Austin, she became interested in the intersections between culture, language and [dis]ability, which eventually became the central focus of her work in education as a teacher educator and researcher. She has been active in anti-racism efforts at First UU Church of Austin, and led a series of intercultural communication workshops for Wildflower UU in 2019.