The Rev. Michael Dowd is Coming to Austin with a New Presentation

When: Thursday evening, March 28, 7-9 pm
Where: Faith Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, 1314 Oltorf, Austin TX 78704
Sponsor: Wildflower Church Adult Religious Education and Climate Action Teams
Donation Requested to Wildflower Church
Presenter: The Rev. Michael Dowd

Description: Are things progressing or degrading? Is it too late or can we turn things around? Rev. Dowd’s dynamic multimedia program sheds light on competing and often contradictory claims about our future. More importantly, he offers a reality-based perspective grounded in ecology as the heart of theology that can inspire us to work together across a wide range of differences in service of a just, healthy, and sustainably life-giving future

Rev. Michael Dowd is a bestselling eco-theologian, sustainability activist, and pro-science ‘evangelist’ whose work has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Discover, and on television nationally. His book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum. Michael and his wife, Connie Barlowhave spoken to some 2,500 groups throughout North America since 2002, including nearly 500 UU churches.

Michael has delivered two TEDx talks and a program at the United Nations. He has also conducted an acclaimed online conversation series: “The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness. At the 2016 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, Michael and Connie were honored asUU Religious Humanists of the Year”. Michael’s message, grounded in an ecological interpretation of the Epic of Evolution always centers on fidelity to the future and how to stay sane, sober, and inspired to act locally and become ever more resilient in chaotic and contracting times.