Roots class (k-2nd) w/Marie:

Hello everyone, happy Water Communion Sunday from the roots class. We watched Cory turn water and dish soap into bubbles with a straw (something kids could try at home I bet!), took a visit to the pond in my backyard where you can see my rose for the week… I have tadpoles! Here is a link to the video if you’d like to peek too. You’ll see minnows and tiny, squiggly tadpoles swimming by.

Our story this week is the beautiful book Julian is A Mermaid by Jessica Love. I got a little teary reading this aloud to everyone- I explained to the children I was happy/sad- because like Abuela in the book, our Wildflower church is a place where you can be seen and loved for exactly who you are and that is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I hope water renews your spirit and brings you joy and connection too. 
Pond link:

Seedlings class (3rd – 5th) w/Piaf:

This week we discussed our UU Water Communion, including what we remembered from past communions, how the water cycle works, and what that might symbolize in a UU setting. In addition, we watched/listened to a video of a flowing stream while taking deep breaths and noticing how we felt afterwards. Finally, we had some silly fun creating a “rain storm” with our hands and feet (which worked surprisingly well in a virtual environment) and playing a couple of games. It is so good to see each and every one of you on Sundays!

Wildflower Youth Group (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

Today we talked about what we do to renew our spirits–art, being mindful when eating, making change with others, reaching out to friends, speaking our mind, taking walks, yoga, etc. We also watched a spoken word, and did some more brainstorming for our mural! Here’s an example that youth felt inspired by. As we plan our mural, your youth can add to our brainstorming under the purple section on our Padlet. (Email Solveij for a link & password at