Vulnerability, Courage, and Risk

Vulnerability, Courage, and Risk

What does it take for us to move out of our comfort zone and take or engage with a presenting risk, to experiment with something new when the outcome is uncertain? What role does perfectionism, fear of failure, rejection, or being overwhelmed or harmed play in our avoiding risks?

Much is written about risk taking as a key ingredient in personal and spiritual growth. But why chance failure and experience significant discomfort and messiness to pursue this goal? Sarah Wylie, Sarah Riehl and Russell Hinds will share their stories with us to answer this question.

We often don’t say to ourselves, "Now I am going to take a risk in order to grow." However, as we make these conscious or unconscious moves and are willing to be vulnerable, Brene Brown states that we are showing great courage. According to her, “Being vulnerable is our greatest measure of courage . . . It takes a lot of courage to show up and be all in when we can’t control the outcome.” Join us for this time of exploration.

Children (age 5 and older) and Youth will be meeting in person in their classes after being present in the sanctuary for the first part of the service. Children 6 weeks to 4 years of age are welcome in our Nursery.