Honoring the Fire Within

Honoring the Fire Within

As the year ends and we are in the time of year where the earth’s cycle brings us fewer hours of light, we pause to honor the fire within each of us seeded by our ancestors and fueled by love. A strong connected community is a source of the fuel, of love - when shared we keep each other’s fires burning.

What do you want to grow in the new year? What fires do you want to feed? Come to begin answering these questions and experience how the symbolic sharing of our inner fire with others creates a strong sense of shared love and communal connection. All generations are invited to bring and use percussive and melodic instruments including our bodies to create rhythms throughout the service.

This is the time of year where we hold our annual remembrance ceremony to celebrate the lives of Wildflowers who have passed and hold space for those who are no longer in our lives. We do this in a current context where the trauma of war and violence around the globe has resulted in unimaginable loss of lives. We remember all these lives with the fire of love.

There will be no Children and Youth Religious Education classes. Children 6 weeks to 4 years of age are welcome in our Nursery.