Compassion in Action: Embracing Ourselves and Each Other to Create a Better World

Compassion in Action: Embracing Ourselves and Each Other to Create a Better World


Together we will reflect on the importance of honoring our own needs and well-being as we work collectively to build a better world for us all. When we cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness and self-compassion, we become better equipped to collaborate with others, to listen deeply to their perspectives, and to engage in meaningful dialogue that can lead to positive change. Practicing self-love regularly -- and focusing on the areas of the the self that matter most -- helps foster that self-awareness and self-compassion necessary to create the lasting impact we seek.

Neshama Alheem, The Self-Love Minister, is a Transformational coach, speaker, best-selling author, and V.I.P. (Visibility, Impact, & Profit) strategist. She is also founder of The Self-Love Church, her online community where she helps people own their personal power and completely transform the way they see themselves – through greater self-love – so they can create their BEST lives. She primarily works with ambitious women entrepreneurs, helping them learn to show up more powerfully online & in-person, put themselves and their desires FIRST without feeling guilty or overwhelmed, and build their business around their lives versus the other way around. Neshama believes that we can all create and manifest our ideal lives, but we need to have the confidence to make self-honoring choices for ourselves that align with those goals.

Children and Youth will be meeting in person in their classes after being present in the sanctuary for the first part of the service.