Roots Class: This week, we followed the Tapestry of Faith Wonderful Welcome curriculum in which we share intangible gifts each week.  This week we opened up our gift box and found the gift of covenant.  We played Simon Says and talked about rules versus promises.  We read the ebook “I Promise” by LeBron James.  Then finally we started our class covenant, which will be a living document that we look at regularly to see if we are keeping our promises to each other.

Seedlings Class:This week, we played a fun scavenger hunt game and reviewed the 7 UU Principles. Then we looked at the text of the 8th Principle and focused in on some of the key words, like diversity, racism, and oppression. Knowing that the youth will be leading a service on the 8th Principle in November, we brainstormed what kinds of things each student would be interested in contributing to that service.

Wildflower Youth Group:This week, the youth discussed their understanding of the 8th Principle and what they would like adults to do and learn about it. They had insightful contributions to how they would like to persuade adults of the congregation to vote for adopting this Principle, including ideas about the line between education and shaming, the importance of accountability, and the need to emphasize that adopting the Principle is just the first step and that action needs to follow on a daily basis and in all areas of life, not just at Wildflower. They’ll continue to build on these ideas as they prepare to lead a Nov 7 service on this topic.