Roots Class (pre-k to first grade) w/Marie:

We spent this rainy morning meeting each other’s cats, talking about signs of spring, and getting some more singing and dancing in for spring. 

I shared a story about the baby bird my friend found, and kept watch over until mama bird returned. Here is some information I told the children I’d send along, in case you spot a baby bird since that is definitely a sign of spring. 

Seedlings Class (2nd to 4th grade) w/Piaf:

This week we watched a video by our ministerial candidate, Sarah, about her pet snails and discussed what we could learn about her based on her gentle care for these creatures. Then we brainstormed questions to ask her during our virtual meet-and-greet that is coming up. Finally, we had some silly fun showing and talking about our pets.

Wildflower Youth (5th & Middle School) w/Solveij:

This Sunday in youth group we created a collaborative story with elaborate twists and turns, about a dolphin man with legs who went on quite the adventure after emerging from the sea. Each week, we’re prioritizing the youth connecting and having fun together. 🙂 Next week we’re planning on playing pictionary or charades, and the youth will brainstorm questions for the potential minister, Sarah.