Shape Shifting:  Lessons from Water

Time for All Ages (TFAA) and music are our Sunday sermons this summer. In July, our worship services center on the theme of WATER. Here is the TFAA story and music for reflection from Sunday, July 7, 2024. May their lessons resonate with your spirit.

Time For All Ages: Reflect on the Story

Book: Tale of the Sands

(Listen and watch the read aloud video below, or read the e-book online, free. It’s also available in print at your local library or bookseller.)

Reflect on the Music

The Waves We Give” by Beautiful Chorus (This song was inspired by the words of Bruce Lee)


Be like water, my friend

You shall find a way around, or through it

When nothing within us stays rigid

We decide the shape we’re in

Empty your mind

Be shapeless, formless, like water

It can flow or it can crash

And we design the waves we give

We decide, we design

We decide the shape we’re in

And the waves we give

Questions for Reflection

  • How can emptying your mind help you to see new possibilities?
  • How can we decide the waves we give?
  • Was there ever a time when your first judgment of a person or a situation was wrong? How did this affect your relationship or connection to the people around you? Do you know where this feeling originated from? How can you avoid this in the future? Forgive yourself and promise to be more flexible like waves in the water in the future.
  • Think about a time when your rigidity in a disagreement caused further conflict. When looking back, would being more flexible have improved the situation? How could you have been more flexible? In the future, try to be more flexible like the waves in the water.
  • Was there ever a time when your value system was tested? Did your heart and your mind not align in the same resolution? Have you ever had to re-evaluate your value system in order to more align with your heart? Let your heart bend and be flexible like the waves in the water.
  • As you move throughout your week, are there any ways you can make your heart and mind more flexible and open to change so that they are free to move with the force and the motion of the waves?