We Have a Covenant. Now What?

We Have a Covenant. Now What?



Having a covenant is one of Unitarian Universalism's defining features; often times, it is a source of pride. And yet, we find ourselves at a loss for what's next in building and maintaining our community- particularly after change or during conflict. Let's use our imagination to build a buffet of spiritual practices that boost and supercharge the covenants we make with one another.

Sara Green (she/her) is a Unitarian Universalist clergyperson, cultural organizer and artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a connector focusing on food and climate justice through embodied strategy, performance and institutional change. For the last decade, she has been working with groups to create organizational cultures based in sustainability, integrity and holistic well-being. As a storyteller, she leads groups to imagine their way forward with inspiring and transformational narratives surrounding organizational vision and mission, and fundraising based on collective memory and cultural practice.

This is a Zoom-only service; there will be no children's or youth religious education classes.