The Power of Hope:  Rainbows Made Real

The Power of Hope: Rainbows Made Real

Come restfully into this second July service and summer at Wildflower as we explore the theme of WATER, this time the wonder of rainbows. We will be gifted by the wisdom of Maya Angelou.  She talks about how rainbows are the help and kindness that we share with one another that remind us that we are not alone.  A card in Tricia Hersey’s Rest Deck notes “I do nothing alone.  My whole life is a collaboration.”

Rainbows are sometimes hard to find in our hot dry summers.  Yet our music, The Rainbow Connection, reminds us that rainbows are a metaphor for the importance of having dreams, desires and wishes in our lives. They invite us to actualize joy and a sense of meaning and purpose, which become spiritual anchors to our wellbeing.  This service will invite you to reflect on your life of rainbows as blessings given and received and the power of imagination.

This is a Zoom-only service. There will be no children's and youth religious education classes.