Relationship is the key!

Relationship is the key!

As Unitarian Universalist we work towards building the Beloved Community, a community in which every one’s needs are centered and met, where equity in enshrined in all we do. As we work towards this larger and universal goal, we also do the work of practicing the Beloved Community in our own space. Let's explore the role of relationships in our practice of the Beloved Community and how those relationships have the power to transform us both individually and collectively.

Carrie Holley-Hurt (she/her) is in her last year at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a Candidate for Fellowship through the UUA. Carrie completed her chaplaincy internship at Dell Seton in Austin and her internship at Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church in Cedar Park.

As the saying goes, Carrie was not raised as a UU but got here as soon as she could. Unitarian Universalism has added a depth and commitment to her activism which includes working against anti-LGBTQIA, anti-education, voting restrictions, and other issues as they arise…whenever they arise. Carrie brings her passion for activism to the Capital and the pulpit.

Carrie is married to Russell Holley-Hurt and together they have two children, Pheonix and Alex, and one very loved but odd cat, Tonks.

Children (age 5 and older) and Youth will be meeting in person in their classes after being present in the sanctuary for the first part of the service. Children 6 weeks to 4 years of age are welcome in our Nursery.