Impossible Until It’s Not

Impossible Until It’s Not


So much of our lives and our worlds are limited by what we believe about what’s real and solid and possible based on our surroundings and our circumstances. So many things feel impossible—until they're not. As we look toward the beginning of a new congregational year, will we strive for a return to normalcy or will we unshackle our imaginations and build a new world from our dreams?

Zr. Alex Kapitan is a lay community minister, educator, editor, consultant, and activist. A trans and queer lifelong Unitarian Universalist, Alex does interfaith LGBTQ work and supports congregations in becoming places of radical welcome for all. Ze is the co-founder of the Transforming Hearts Collective, the co-leader of the program Trans Inclusion in Congregations, and the founder of Radical Copyeditor, an anti-oppressive language project.

This is a Zoom-only service.

Children and Youth Religious Education classes will not be held this Sunday.