Accountability, a Sacred Practice of Love

Accountability, a Sacred Practice of Love


Apologizing is a fundamental part of accountability. If we have hurt or harmed someone we care about, it is sacred work to tend to that hurt - we are caring for the person and for ourselves and engaging in the practice of love. Every time we increase our self-awareness, apologize, repair and change our behavior, we are building a culture of accountability in our relationships and our community -- it becomes embedded in how we are together.

This Sunday we will focus on apology. Daniela Silva and Tulio Cantu will share their experiences with apology -- why it is important, the gifts it can bring, the essential ingredients of a meaningful apology and its practice, and what they have learned facilitates the rebuilding of trust. We will invite you to explore your own accountability landscape within your relationships.

This is a Zoom-only service. There will be no children's or youth religious education classes.