Roots Class w/Marie:

Hello from the Roots class! 
One of my favorite read alouds jumped off my bookshelf and into the lesson plan this week in following up to thinking together about last week’s How to Solve A Problem. Sometimes… things, like our lives under this virus, are going to be with us for a while. Every Sunday the children are so eager and great at sharing the things in their world that they are excited and hopeful about and it has been really nice this summer to hear about those parts (a tent in the backyard! Setting up a sister’s birthday celebration that still felt special!). There are ways in which we are figuring out how to make the hard parts also have some cozy. Kind of like coming to class in pajamas with a snuggly blanket on a rainy morning. In that spirit, we read What Do You do with a Kangaroo and enjoyed some pretty marvelous animal dancing. Bravo to the kitty, snake, gecko, and swan that each made an appearance. By request we will be dancing like animals again next Sunday. 
Have a wonderful week, may you too make peace with any kangaroos in your path. 

Seedlings Class w/Piaf:

After our usual check-in, we watched a Pixar short (Birds on a Wire) and discussed how the birds were or were not embodying our 7 UU Principles. Then we played a virtual game we called Birds on a Wire (the game formerly known as hangman) where we guessed each other’s words and drew birds, which was a big hit.

Wildflower Youth w/Kristen filling in for Solveij:

The youth group began the class checking in and sharing about their week: art, swimming, classes and many things virtual. Having a guest teacher, they also generously shared their routine and favorite game. They taught me how to play “mafia”, a role playing game where the children took turns being a narrator. Initially all players had to keep their eyes closed until awoken by the narrator for their role, and then closed again. The objective is to determine who is the mafia. It’s a game that plays on social psychology and also builds trust with other members. I personally found it grounding to sit and just breath with my eyes closed for some time! We ended this fun time together sharing our hope for the coming week. Be sure to join us next week as we will have a guest speaker discussing the history of racism at AISD, a topic the youth have expressed an interest in learning more about.