Happy snow day!

Roots Class (kinder – 2nd grade) w/Marie:

Today was both magical because of snow falling outside our windows, meeting a classmate’s new puppy, thinking about sledding, and me holding space for the children to talk about the violence at the Capitol this week. We heard about school, about people getting hurt, and a woman shot, and Trump encouraging people to be hurtful to others and the building because of his own disappointment about not winning. They heard from me that so many of us grownups know that is scary and not ever okay, not from how a leader is supposed to be, not how we would even treat each other in our friendships or families. (This last part got several emphatic “yesss!!!”s to me in chat). They know that a new president is coming. I thank them for speaking about this this morning and to keep talking with our grownups about this. Being worried about hard things is something none of us have to carry alone. Many, many people are working hard to make things better, and talking together is part of that work we can all do. 

Seedlings Class (3rd – 5th grade) w/Piaf & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

In our joint class this week we began with our usual check-in’s and then discussed the events at the Capitol this week. The kids shared what they knew and what questions they had. Then, Solveij shared two quotes from our UU faith about how we must respond to these events and the kids discussed them. We also talked about a quote from youth organizers that led to an interesting discussion of what the youth would like to see changed to strengthen our democracy. Finally, we ended with a game.