Roots Class (pre-k to 1st grade) w/Laura:
Today in Roots, we read the book “The Name Jar” by Yangsook Choi. In the book, a little girl that has newly immigrated from Korea struggles with people pronouncing her name and explores changing her name to an American name.  With the help of her friends and family, she decides to keep her Korean name.  This story brought up discussions about the meaning of names, ancestral names, respecting people’s name choices and speaking foreign languages.  Then the students decorated their names for us to put up on the wall in our classroom. 

Seedlings Class (2nd-5th grade) w/Piaf:
This week was all about forming new or stronger ties with each other as the basis for our learning and play together going forward. We used a ring toss-inspired game to learn each other’s favorite books, foods, color, and animals, which was quite lively. We also discussed the concept of harm – what can we do to repair it and how can we heal from it in our Seedlings group. We ended with some open-ended fun on the playground 🙂

Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:
Our focus this week was on connection and community. In this spirit, we played a new game called “What You Bean Up To” where youth were given 10 beans to place on various papers around the outdoor classroom to indicate things they had experienced. Round One was reflective and individual while Round Two gave youth a chance to discuss their experiences with others who had also placed a bean on the same spot. It was great to see everyone become progressively more comfortable and chatty as the time went on.