Roots Class (k – 2nd) w/Marie:

In the spirit of bringing light to the darkness we celebrated with a virtual lantern parade.  

Everyone brought something that makes light, we made our spaces dark, and paraded along with last year’s solstice parade with the Minor Mishap Marching Band. Their parade will be a virtual this year too, and everyone is invited:

Much love, joy, and light to you all!

Seedlings (3rd-5th) & Youth Group (Middle & High School) w/Piaf:

We had a combined class today since Solveij is not feeling well. We began with our usual check-in and shared some holiday traditions from each of our families. Then we had a virtual holiday party of sorts and played games and enjoyed each other’s company. Finally, I shared an image of the almost-finished mural that the youth group has been working on and we discussed which finishing touches it may need. It is such a joy to work with your children every week!!