Roots Class (k-2nd) w/Marie:

Well, today’s class was based around my rose for the week- we are picking up some ducklings this afternoon to raise for a bit! I got to share the story with the children about what’s become a neighborhood hatch project. With some of my neighbors and friends, 133 fertilized chicken, duck, and goose eggs are in incubators in several homes, farms, and schools right now. We’ve been brought in as a volunteer to raise some ducklings for a few weeks and as the children heard, I’m pretty excited about this. In celebration of the science and wonder of life we watched a video about how a fertilized egg develops from embryo to a hatching chick, then saw one of my ducklings hatch out of their egg as that’s been what’s happening the past few days at the farm they’re at. This afternoon I bring them home and next week, for our final Zoom class, the ducklings should be here to say hello. 

Seedling Class (3rd-5th) w/Piaf & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

This week we got up to speed on where Wildflower is in the process of bringing the 8th Principle to a congregational vote in December. Our young people are interested in leading a service on this topic in the fall, so we discussed various methods of persuasion. How can you move people to action? The kids brainstormed various ways to communicate facts, appeal to people’s feeling & emotions, and their sense of right and wrong. In that vein, we watched a short TEDx video of a spoken word artist who made an unlikely connection with a hostile audience and then listened to a song ( while we doodled any images that came to mind and shared how it made us feel. Finally, we ended with a collaborative storytelling game. It was great to see everyone!