Roots Class (pre-k to 1st grade) with Marie:

This week the Roots class began learning Spirit of Life by singing and then dancing with scarves to this special song. Did you know our class name is part of the lyrics? Listen very closely, “roots hold me close, wings set me free/Spirit of Life come to me, come to me.” The wind was very helpful in making our many scarf colors so beautiful with our movement. We began talking about symbols, looking at a heart symbol compared to a drawing of a human heart and noticing the chalice symbol on the front of our hymnal for example. Be on the lookout for symbols you notice together and talk about this week. We’ll think more about the chalice next Sunday. 

Seedling Class (2nd to 4th grade) with Piaf:

This week we continued our exploration of identity by playing a preferences game, noticing our many differences and many similarities. Then we read a book about the role of melanin in skin color and brainstormed how this topic relates to our 7 UU principles. The kids had a lot to say about their understanding of racism and how the UU principles can guide us in creating an inclusive and welcoming space at church. We ended by crafting paper dolls holding hands.

Wildflower Youth (5th grade & Middle School) with Solveij:

This week, our youth group delved deeper into what restorative justice is and looks like, with a ‘madlib’ we wrote together. We created an unrealistic, wacky scenario where everything goes wrong… and then it was our group’s job to fix or ‘restore’ the situation. In figuring out how to make things right, each group looked at central restorative justice questions together. One outcome of our conversation was the reflection that those affected by harm are most important in coming up with a solution — it it’s not a solution to them, it’s not a solution at all.