Roots (pre-k to 1st grade) & Seedlings (2nd to 4th grade):

The Roots and Seedlings were combined this week for our special project of creating decorations for the amazing Valentine’s Day dance party that Wildflower is hosting to raise money for a new UU retreat for people who identify as queer/trans/nonbinary/agender. We began by discussing some of our UU principles and brainstorming loving and uplifting messages that we could include in our decorations. Then, kids created rainbow paper chains and faux tie-dye hearts, both with words of affirmation that the children chose.

The Wildflower Youth (5th grade & Middle School) began the first of many conversations about racial justice. They heard the voices of young Freedom Riders in the Civil Rights movement and leaders of the modern Black Youth Project. They then reflected on what they heard, discussed what they already knew about anti-racism, and shared what they would want to learn about movements for racial justice and black community liberation.