Beads on a String

Beads on a String


In a world where so many lack so much, what is the meaning of abundance? In a world where our lives do suddenly overflow with unexpected beauty and sustenance, how can we be grateful and also remember that it is not always so for everyone? What happens when there is great abundance in our lives, and yet, it is not "enough"? Bis Thornton invites you on a journey of images centered around the use of prayer beads as we join together to wonder about abundance.

Bis Thornton (he/him, she/her) is an aspiring UU minister and a recent graduate of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. As an artist and preacher, she is passionate about the power of creative expression to bring about both justice and joy. He is also always happy to share vegan recipes, talk about tarot cards, or swap horror movie recommendations.

We will not have Children's or Youth Religious Education classes this Sunday. The nursery will be open for children 6 weeks to 4 years of age.