UUA Connectional Event

DRUUMM continues to partner with the Church of the Larger Fellowship, concerned religious professionals, Palestinian, Arabs, Southwest Asian/North African and Jewish members of our community on a weekly Vigil for Gaza. Vigils are open to all.

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This vigil, held on June 9, 2024, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Central (8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern), open to all, is to honor the spiritual work toward ending the violence. We are calling for a permanent ceasefire and end to the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, a release of all hostages/prisoners, humanitarian aid, and an accountability process that is not rooted in revenge. We deeply honor the worth and dignity of all Palestinians and all Israelis.

We are centering the voices of those most affected and we ask attendees to hold this with intention. We aim to be present with one another and deepen our attention to the crises in Gaza as Unitarian Universalists. We are mindful of the deep and complex roots in the minds and hearts of Westerners.

Join us as we grieve, rage, learn, and find solace together. The vigil will be held for 45 minutes, and we may host facilitated breakout session afterwards depending on capacity for those who wish to connect more intentionally.

RSVP Required for Zoom: druumm.org/events

View DRUUMM’s previous vigil at youtube.com/@DRUUMM

Hosted by concerned Unitarian Universalist ministers, religious professionals, lay leaders, the Church of the Larger Fellowship, UU Service Committee, UU Women’s Federation, UUs for Justice in the Middle East and more.


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