That’s right!  Have you noticed?  There’s a big yellow human figure outline on the west closet doors in the Community Room!  It will be there over the next four weeks, and we are asking that you help us by writing in it the quality/qualities you would most like to see in a new minister.

This is only the beginning of our search process.  Over the next few months, we will be conducting numerous surveys and exercises seeking your input, in order to ensure that everyone has a voice.  This particular exercise is designed to get you brainstorming!

After May 12, this poster will be taken down and the results used to guide the Search Team in our work.  So please, while it’s there, take a moment to write your ideal qualities in it. And if you see that the trait you desired is already listed, please feel free to add one of the adhesive stars that are near the poster to show that you “like” the trait.

Thank you so much for participating!