Wildflower Unitarian Universalist Church is seeking a Chaplain to become our part-time Pastoral Care Provider.  Wildflower is a multi-ethnic church whose congregants have many different beliefs, a multi-faith setting.  We are striving to create a Beloved Community.  Our mission is Growing spiritually together, spreading love, justice and joy.  We are a social justice based community fighting oppression in all its forms. 

Minimum Requirement: At least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education

Responsibilities, Collegial and Reporting Relationships, Term, and Compensation


  • Estimated 5-6/week, reported to the Board monthly
  • Extra hours for mutually agreed upon priorities if needed


  • $30/hour


  • Six months

Responsibilities would include but not be limited to:

  1. Acting as pastoral care resource for more immediate, serious and complex situations experienced by Wildflower congregants (individuals of all ages; families).
  2. Supporting the Pastoral Care/Caring team through lay-leader recruitment and concrete skill building, discussions, and resources.
  3. Offering care for the Board and leadership teams and Wildflowers. 
  4. Creating a visible pastoral presence through the newsletter and attending services twice a month to get to know congregants. 

Responsibilities could also include:

  1. Attending certain meetings and gatherings where a pastoral, listening and reflective presence would be helpful, such as Congregational Meetings or as a process observer. 
  2. Offering occasional workshops or discussions on topics that would support the resilience of the Wildflower community.
  3. Conducting a wedding or memorial (this would be discussed with the Board to determine who is appropriate to lead, based on personal relationships, availability, and family’s wishes. If not available, the Board will contact a local UU minister).

Given that this role will require some discovery to best understand the nature of the pastoral care needs of Wildflower, the above responsibilities may shift in scope and nature as priorities emerge.  These shifts will be mutually agreed upon by the Board and pastoral care provider.

This position will remain open until filled. Click here to apply. For questions, contact personnel@wildflowerchurch.org.