Wildflower Image Policies

In an effort to spread word of Wildflower Church and grow our community, our Communications & Tech (C&T) Team is eager to take photos and videos of current events to share on our website, social media (Instagram and Facebook), our weekly newsletter, and pre-service slideshows. This will help us expand our network, tell our story, and share our messages of love, justice, and joy with anyone who needs it.

In support of these goals, our policies are as follows:

  1. We will not post any photos or videos of minors without parental consent.
  2. We will post photos or videos of adults unless they tell us not to.
    1. While taking photos or videos, any person may tell the photographer that they do not want to be included, and the photographer will respect their wishes.
    2. After a photo or video is posted online, if a person in it asks the C&T Team to remove it, it will be removed.
  3. We will make a good faith effort to ask for permission to post for any photo or video taken off of church premises, such as at Lunch Bunch.
  4. We will be available for any questions and concerns from the congregation at communications@wildflowerchurch.org


We will notify people of these policies by:

  • Posting it on the website.
  • Referring to it with a QR code on a sign to the sanctuary.
  • Referring to it with a QR code on a sign to the Community Room.
  • Putting it in a newsletter article quarterly.