Disability Advisory Group

The DAG’s goal is to continue working with Wildflowers and visitors to identify and remove all barriers to full inclusion and participation for people with disabilities in all WFC activities.  The DAG serves as “subject matter experts” in planning fully inclusive worship services, welcoming diverse visitors and prospective members, planning congregational events, and all other activities that occur on our campus and on-line,  and also at off-campus locations for WFC sponsored events.   DAG also offers periodic Disability Awareness Trainings for all Wildflowers and friends.

The DAG is composed of Wildflowers with personal experience with disability, to include Neurodiversity, Chronic Pain, ADD/ADHD, Post Stroke Residuals, social anxiety, and other physical and/or cognitive/psychological disabilities.

Activities of 2023 include consultations with the Worship Team and The Board as well as with members and visitors with disabilities.  As a former Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the state of Texas and also as a Disability Examiner for SSA, Susie also consults on how to navigate these often challenging systems. We continue to work to eliminate identified physical barriers and are in the process of identifying several solutions to the heavy door to the Community Room. We are also in the process of improving the auditory assistance devices for the sanctuary.

We are also proposing a “change request form” that will be filled out by the DAG and/or the requestor, to be available on our web page and in the weekly newsletter. The purpose of this change request form is to document all accessibility requests, and institute a process of accountability and timeliness for completion.