We had a lovely start to our new year of Religious Education! We are looking forward to growing, learning, and connecting with your young people 🙂 Messages from each class are below:

Roots (pre-k to 1st) & Seedlings (2nd to 5th):

We began by lighting our class chalice and going around doing our check-in where we share our names, pronouns, rose (joy), and thorn (sorrow). Then, we looked through our 8 Principles, thinking of an example of each. Next, we watched a funny Pixar short of some birds who were not following our UU principles and discussed how they would have acted differently if they had been. Finally, we headed outside for a snack and some active play.

Wildflower Youth Group:

The youth began with their weekly check-in and then discussed plans for our upcoming “Love, Justice, & Joy Fest” on Oct 22. The youth are planning to create several social justice themed elements to add onto the fun of a bounce house, face painting, etc. Afterwards, the youth connected with a game and some snacks.