Roots Class (K-2nd) w/Marie:

We are continuing our learning together this week about racism and what we can do together to become antiracist. Today’s story is Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi. Many of us grownups are learning from  his book for grownups, How to Be Antiracist. This is his book for children (but really of course it’s for the grownups just as much!) “Antiracist Baby is always learning, changing, and growing. Antiracist Baby stays curious about all people and isn’t all knowing.” 

Learning, changing, and growing is something we believe is so important as Unitarian Universalists, and antiracism work is part of why we gather together at Wildflower. Growth is big work we can do together. 

And speaking of big growth, here is a glimpse of where the tadpoles in my pond are at this week. The children met them in my pond tour last week as part of our water service and we are curious to check in with them more as they do their big interesting work of becoming frogs. Right now they are only funny squiggly swimming things with tails. Watch here:

Seedlings class (3rd-5th) w/Piaf:

This week we explored our theme of renewal by focusing on our first source, wonder. How does it feel to ponder the night sky? What does it mean to say that we are made of stardust? We discussed this concept from both a science and a faith perspective and then watched a video about it. Finally, we played a star-themed drawing game.

Wildflower Youth Group (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

Today in Wildflower Youth Group we checked in, did brainstorming for the mural project, and played a game. We looked at murals for inspiration, including these murals by youth. We also talked about the process of making a collaborative mural and started to make a plan with a timeline, supplies we’d need, and ideas about where the mural can be. At our next meeting, we’ll be brainstorming for the social justice message!