Roots class w/Marie (pre-k to first grade):

As part of our exploration of what it means to have Wildflower as our church home, we’ve been thinking about homes. Last week we built homes like wild animals; this week we’re looking at the animals that have a home with humans— so we made barns together. 

Seedlings class w/Piaf (2nd – 4th grade):

This Sunday we read an age-appropriate book about Stonewall and the start of the LGBTQ+ civil right movement. We then discussed how our UU principles connect to the story. Finally, we explored one of the most visible symbols of LGBTQ+ movement, the rainbow flag. After learning what each stripe represents, we made our own paper flags.

Wildflower Youth w/Solveij (5th grade & Middle School):

This week, the Wildflower Youth explored Awareness through meditation, story and conversation. We reflected on the importance of being aware of and attentive to the needs and feelings of those around us, as well as how listening to those affected by injustice is necessary once we are aware of any harm or injustice.