Roots class (pre-k to first grade) with Marie:

It was a beautiful day to be animals building homes. What wonderful beehives, dens, burrows, and webs were made with blankets, leaves and collected branches. 

The children heard the Native American story Lizard’s Home and learned his song: zole zole zole, rock is my home. Bear learned she had her own song too: zole zole zole, den is my home. 

Seedlings class (2nd to 4th grade) with Piaf:

This week we read a book about the story of the Lovings, the couple who fought to overturn the ban on interracial marriage that prevented them from living together in their home state. The kids discussed how the story related to our UU principles and made connections to the more recent struggle for marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. Finally, we created art pieces using overlapping hand tracings.

Wildflower Youth (5th grade & Middle School) with Solveij:

This week, youth practiced an awareness meditation together. They then checked in about how their experiences with it differed. We also brainstormed ways to call each other in when youth mis-gender other youth unintentionally, and youth brought up the idea of making pronoun buttons together.