Roots Class (k-2nd) w/Marie:

Hello all, it was so fun hearing about the creative and safe ways people have found to enjoy Halloween this year. I am so inspired by how our community thinks and cares for each other.

We spoke more about traditions to remember loved ones and the children had a lot to say about what they already know about Dia de los muertos. We read I Remember Abuelito by Janice Levy and Loretta Lopez, and traveled to Mioachan Mexico in this beautiful clip:
Having been to that pine forest where the Monarchs spend the winter, I can tell you that standing among the trees with my eyes closed and being able to then *hear* the sound of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of butterfly wings is one of my most treasured memories of time with my family, and my father, whose spirit I miss and celebrate very much. 
We can remember our loved ones together.

Seedlings & Youth Group w/Piaf:

Solveij was not feeling well today so we had a combined class. We began with our usual check-in and heard from the Youth Group about their ongoing mural project. Then we discussed how we are feeling about the upcoming election and what self-strategy strategies we use to help us when we feel anxious or overwhelmed. Several ideas were shared, including hugging your pet, deep breathing, singing, and exercising. Finally, we played several rounds of the game Mafia. We hope Solveij feels better soon!