Roots Class (K – 2nd grade):

Marie was out today so I filled in. It is always so fun to connect with our youngest group! We began with our check-ins and then talked about our 7 UU Principles. Could we think of times that our church family has followed these? We remembered collecting supplies for people after the snow storm and also voting about the new minister a while back. Then we watched a funny Pixar short about birds on a wire who are definitely not following our UU Principles. Finally, the kids taught me their closing song “When My Heart Is in a Holy Place.”

Seedlings (3rd – 5th) & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School):

This week, Solveij’s partner, Jesus, led a poetry workshop in which everyone created several lines of poetry that were compiled into a collaborative poem that explored identity and what our young people want the world to know. After RE, several kids/youth met up to dig the holes for mounting the mural at Wildflower and record some of the videos that will be part of the youth-led service on March 28.