Roots Class (pre-k to first grade) w/Marie:
Aloha from the Roots class (that’s the greeting in Hawaiian that Corey led us in today!), 

In the spirit of fostering resiliency during trying times- and just a bit of summer adventure- today we thought together about tackling hard things the way a rock climber would climb a boulder. Rock climbers call the boulder they climb a problem. 

Ashoka Shiraishi is one of the best rock climbers in the world and still a kid, climbing since she was six years old. We watched her in action here: And then read the beautiful book she has written, How To Solve A Problem. 
This week, when we encounter a problem, may we all pause and break it down into smaller parts that we think about tackling, listening to the teaching our falls have to show us, climbing again, until we can wave “hello at the memory of how hard the problem was” and reach for one problem more. 

Seedlings Class (2nd to 4th grade) w/Piaf:
This week we learned about the life of recently deceased civil rights activist and congressperson John Lewis. After watching a video clip about his life, we looked at several of his quotes and discussed them. The kids gave ideas about what each one meant and how they could apply to the current fight against systemic racism. Finally, we played around with some virtual collaborative drawing.

Wildflower Youth Group (5th grade & Middle School) w/Solveij:
This Sunday the Wildflower Youth read and discussed an article about how people locally are trying to defund AISD police, and checked out this video about systemic racism:
We started talking about ways that change is made. We also brainstormed our gifts, from drawing and writing to martial arts and biking, and imagined how we can contribute our gifts to support activism!