Roots Class (K – 2nd grade) w/Marie:

Hello all, rose and thorn check-ins centered around where we’re all at with quarantine. So glad to hear about some of the people we love starting to get vaccines! I’ve been having some sad-about-things days and cheering myself up by starting to work in the garden again. Today’s story was Up In the Garden and Down In the Dirt by Kate Messner. While I find myself so impatient for days where we can be together in future months, a whole garden of our world put there, it is comforting to be reminded that while we see bare still-winter empty beds that “Down in the dirt is a whole busy world of earthworms and insects, digging and building and stirring up soil. They’re already working down in the dirt.”

Seedlings Class (3rd – 5th) w/Piaf & Wildflower Youth (Middle & High School) w/Solveij:

This week we discussed the state of our mural project, which is very close to being installed at Church! We looked at several possible places to mount it and the group decided where they’d most like it to be. Stay tuned for a future email with a chance to sign up for the hole-digging & socializing 🙂

We also talked about the possibility of having this group lead a service in the future to introduce the mural to the larger congregation and also speak to issues that are important to them. We’ll continue brainstorming on this in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, we played a round of digital pictionary.