Root Class (pre-k to 1st grade) with Marie:

We were so sorry to hear of the passing of a Wildflower member. Many grownups are grieving and we talked about that during joys and concerns today. The children had other losses to share about beloved pets and grandparents. We listened to anyone who wanted to share and I talked about how important it is to talk together about things you’re feeling and wondering about. This is what a community does for each other. Death brings up so many questions and I am encouraging the children to keep talking about what is on their minds.

The children also walked the labyrinth today, with careful steps, pausing in the center to take a deep breath. The center is a place to think about opening our hearts and our minds and then following the path back out again when you feel ready. Walking the labyrinth feels special and happy, kids thought, it feels like a rainbow. And are there other ones? Could there be a bigger labyrinth? How long does it take to walk a big one? 

Seedlings Class (2nd to 4th) with Piaf:

This week we discussed the recent youth climate strike. After looking at pictures of protesters around the world, we talked about Greta Thunberg’s role in sparking the events. Drawing on last week’s identity theme of how others see us compared to how we see ourselves, we brainstormed how Greta was perceived at the beginning when she was the only one striking compared with how she is seen today. Finally, kids worked on their self-portrait art. We also played a fun round of telephone!

Wildflower Youth (5th & Middle School) with Solveij:

During our meeting, we talked about the climate strike, played games, and learned about what restorative justice means and would look like in our group and our world. Questions we asked included: What would it look like if fossil fuel companies that polluted the waters of native communities practiced restorative justice? How do we practice restorative justice with friends and in our youth group?