Roots Class (pre-K to 1st) with Marie:

Returning to our discussion about our flaming chalice symbol, and a broader discussion about the concept of that symbols represent a bigger something you often can’t really see, like an idea, today we talked about the word faith. 

“Your faith has to do with the things you believe are true, and the way you try to live your life.  Children your age are not too young to have some ideas about your faith. Today you have a chance to think about some of the things you believe in, and the ways you think it is important to live every day.” 

We read the 7 principles in children’s language and then each child worked on their own faith symbol. “You’ll keep thinking about what’s important to you. As Unitarians we keep thinking about what’s important to us, and learning more, our whole lives.” 

I was so touched to see how much thought went into this work. There was much curiousity too in noticing how many different ways there are to represent the chalice.

Seedling Class (2nd to 4th grade) with Piaf:

This week we read a book about a young boy named Julián who wants to dress up as a mermaid and is lovingly encouraged by his grandmother. After discussing which of our UU principles this act embodied, we brainstormed about how we can bring our principles with us on Halloween. The kids came up with a whole variety of ideas, including picking up candy wrappers that have been thrown on the ground, comforting a friend who’s overwhelmed by scary costumes, sharing candy with younger kids, and letting each person choose what kind of dressing up feels right to them. We finished by playing several silly Halloween games.

Wildflower Youth (5th grade & Middle School) with Solveij:

Today the youth group was visited by a member of the ministerial search committee. They were asked to share what they would want in a future minister, and gave thoughtful reflections.